Volleyball Registration

Volleyball Sign Up

Entry fee per team is $145
The deadline is April 9th for teams to sign up and pay the fees


Coed Leagues 1-309-283-7564

Coed Leagues 1-309-283-7564

Regular schedule plus post season tournament. Leagues will be made up of 6 to 8 teams (may vary depending on registration).

Also, realize there may be schedule changes during the season due to weather, etc., which may push back the conclusion of the season.

We would like to fill 3 nights of volleyball this spring! Wednesday night for the competitive teams and Thursday night more recreational teams and Sunday will be a more open league When signing up if you want to play on Sunday please indicate your teams skill level. (B3/B4)


A. Rosters: Submit roster/waiver on first night of play.
1. A minimum of 4 players, maximum of 12 players per roster.
2. An individual may play on more than 1 team if on different nights.
3. All eligible players must be at least 21 years of age or older.
4. Teams may add or delete players from their rosters by giving changes to league official on match night.
5. Players may be added to the roster up through the last night of league play.
6. Teams may use a player from another team if shorthanded.

B. The Game Set Up
1. Each game shall consist of rally scoring to 21 points; the winner must defeat an opponent by 2 or more points. However, there is a 23 point limit per game (Need not win by 2 points).
2. Teams shall play a 3 game match. League standings will be determined by the total games won, not matches won, then head to head, then points.
3. First game shall begin with the flip of a coin, to determine serve or receive, or choice of side; then alternate serve subsequent games.
4. A coed team shall consist of no more than 3 men and 3 women on the court, and prior to serve alternate positioning of males and females. The minimum limit required to begin is 4 players; 2 males, 2 females. Teams of 5 or 6 players may not have more males than females. Opponents may agree to other combinations before each game or a forfeit may occur.
5. Teams should be ready to play at scheduled match time. There is no grace period for the start of each match. The second game is forfeited 10 minutes after starting time; the third game is forfeited at 20 minutes after starting time.

Levels will be officiated using local and USA Volleyball rules.
C. Playing the game
1. CANCELLATIONS: In case of extreme inclement weather, matches may be cancelled at the discretion of the official at game time. Games will be played in the rain unless there is lightning or other unplayable conditions.
2. There will be one head official per court and his/her decisions are final; questions pertaining to player(s) roster eligibility must be brought to official’s attention prior to the start of each game in question. Game(s) could be forfeited if team violates roster eligibility. Players must have played in at least one match during the regular season and have signed the roster/waiver to be eligible to play in the tournament.
3. The right back player of the serving team and the right front player of the receiving team shall be the first server; all rotation is clockwise.
4. The serve:
a. May be any legal type.
b. After officials whistle, server has a maximum of 5 seconds to serve.
c. One toss or release per service attempt.

5. Each team is allowed 3 hits before they must return the ball over the net. When a ball is played by multiple hits by any team, a female player must make one of these contacts.
6. Players may not hit the ball twice in succession. EXCEPTIONS: If two players hit the ball at the same time this simultaneous contact counts as 2 hits and either player may hit the ball again. A player may also hit the ball twice in succession after they have blocked an attack hit. (The block is considered the first hit for this player in this situation. It does not count as one of the three hits allowed a team before the ball must be returned to the opponent’s court.)
7. Players may touch the ground area on their opponent’s side but breaking this plane will be a judgment call by the referee if there is interference or a safety issue.
8. Players may reach over the top of the net to block as long as the defensive players allow the offensive players to strike the ball first. No over the net contact can be made on a ball being set! Serves may not be spiked or blocked. Any ball intentionally directed over the net is free to block. Serves may be returned with an overhand setting action if the trajectory is upward and part of the ball is below the top of the net.
9. We know there are new net rules, but no net contact can be made at any time
when the ball is in play.
10. Teams may call one (1) time out per game. These time outs will be one minute in length and can be called before the serve.

11. There will be unlimited substitutions per game and can be made at the position of server ONLY! In case of injury, play will be stopped by the official and the point then replayed. A one-minute injury time out will be granted to the injured player's team. If the injured player cannot continue play, he or she may be substituted for at this time.
12. Officials have the authority to eject any player for continued verbal abuses, needless arguing or creating a disturbance. (See rule 15)
13. Standings will be posted each week.
14. If a match takes the allotted time period, the following match will start no later than 5 minutes afterwards (this is now forfeit time for first game). In other words, a 5-minute delay will be allowed for if the prior match runs up to the scheduled starting time of the next match.
15. DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES - Players will be given an initial warning for misconduct, and then as follows:
a. Ejected from game.
b. Second verbal warning.
c. Ejected from match.


• Using the facility is a privilege so please respect the grounds and equipment. Please clean up after yourself and help us by leaving the court and surrounding area in great condition.


If your team is unable to play it is your responsibility to notify Cabanas, the opposing team captain, and your league coordinator or official at least four hours prior to your scheduled match time. This will allow the schedule to be modified as necessary to accommodate the changes. Forfeits greatly disrupt play and spoil the experience for the other teams. This must be avoided whenever possible. It is the responsibility of the team captain to make sure that this does not become an issue.